Due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the board of the VOICE Foundation had to make the difficult decision to cancel the reservation at the hostel in Frankfurt. We do not think it is wise to gather our visitors, some of which are at risk should they contract the virus, for a few days in a closed room in the middle of a city. In addition, many countries have implemented travel restrictions, curfews or even total lockdowns and we don't know when these restrictions will be lifted. So even if we wanted to, it is possible many visitors or presenters cannot be there at all.

We will instead organize a virtual conference (a.k.a. webinar) for Warpstock 2020. We know it is not the same, watching a presentation from a computer screen, but we are dedicated to bringing you updates and news about OS/2 nonetheless. It will most likely be a YouTube stream since we already know how to do that. More details about the schedule and presenters will follow later.