Below is the presentation schedule for Warpstock Europe 2024 for Friday to Sunday from the 7th to the 9th of June 2024.

You can follow the presentations live via the following Warpstock Europe Youtube channel.

Some presentations are pre-recorded, however the presenters will be online to answer your questions live. If you want to ask questions you should join the #WSE2024 IRC channel on the Libera IRC network. Either use a web client (go to, Or use a native IRC client, server:, port 6667, channel #WSE2024.

If you would like to support the Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation please consider making a donation.

Times mentioned below are Central European time, see table below for other time zones. The video presentations will be stored later on the Warpstock Europe Youtube channel.

Note this schedule was last updated March 24th. Other presententations are not confirmed yet. So far, all presenters listed below will be present in person.

Friday 7th of June

09:15-09:30 Opening Warpstock Europe 2024 Roderick Klein
09:30-10:30 BIOS UEFI MBR and GPT Keith Merrington
10:30-11:30 EA's revisited Keith Merrington
12:00-13:30 Break for Lunch  
13:30-14:30 EasySync an update Keith Merrington
14:30-15:30 Enhancements for MMOS2 (Multimedia)
Gregg Young
16:30-16:15 Whats Next for ArcaOS 5.1 ? Lewis Rosenthal

Saturday 8th of June

09:30:10:30 UEFI applications Keith Merrington
10:30-11:30 Quiz with 50 random OS/2 questions & answers Keith Merrington
12:00-13:30 Break for Lunch  
13:30-14:30 FM/2 Update Gregg Young
14:30-15:30 ArcaOS in Your Language: Would could be so Hard ?
Lewis Rosenthal
15:30-16:15 Adventures in OS/2 audio development Rich Jerant (remotely)

Sunday 9th of June

09:30-10:30 rEFInd the UEFI boot manager Keith Merrington
10:30-11:30 Secure Boot, Behind the curtains Keith Merrington
12:00-13:30 Break for Lunch  
13:30-14:30 Secure boot demonstration & VMware support for ArcaOS Roderick Klein
14:30-15:30 Update from OS/2 VOICE/BWW Roderick Klein
15:30-16:15 Warpstock Europe 2024 closing + public auction of 3 OS/2 T-Shirt Roderick Klein

 Presentation descriptions:

  • Keith Merrington:  BIOS, UEFI and GPT.  A look at the differences between the two common firmware initialisation systems used to initialize computer hardware. Legacy, BIOS mode, Compatibility Support Module. The EFI partition and how to access it. What the differences are between MBR and GPT. The advantages and disadvantages of GPT  when used with ARCAOS.

  • Keith Merrington: UEFI applications.  In this presentations we will look at a number of UEFI applications and what they can do. A more in depth look will be taken to the special UEFI application, the UEFI Shell. We will see how to use and install it, (if it’s not already installed as it is with some systems, such as the HP ProLiant systems). The available shell commands will be discussed with an emphasis on those commands relating to data manipulation of the nvram for boot order readjustment.

  • Keith Merrington: rEFInd the UEFI boot manager. An in depth look at this graphical boot manger. Why or why not to use it. How to install it from various operating systems (ARCAOS,  Linux and Windows). The configuration file and the configuration options. How to add ARCAOS to its menu including adding an ARCAOS icon.

  • Lewis Rosenthal: What's Next for ArcaOS 5.1? In this session, Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, will discuss enhancements to ArcaOS 5.1 which are expected in the upcoming 5.1.1 release, including installer fixes and component updates.

  • Lewis Rosenthal: ArcaOS in Your Language: What could be so Hard? Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, will outline just what goes into building a non-English ArcaOS distribution from beginning to finished product, and will offer never before released tips on how to download the released language of your choice as part of your ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription.

  • Gregg Young: Enhancements for MMOS2 (Multimedia). Presentation about the CWMM classes, they replace the MMOS2 classes from IBM. Gregg will explain what was fixed and what new functionality was added.  The MIDI player Timidity now works, Gregg will also explain how to install MP3 support.
  • Gregg Young: FM/2 update: Gregg Young will explain what has been updated on the open source FileManager/2.

  • Roderick Klein: Update from OS/2 VOICE/BWW: Update from OS/2 VOICE projects and Bitwise Works GmbH.
  • Roderick Klein: Secure boot & VMware support for ArcaOS: Demonstration of the Secure Boot support for ArcaOS 5.1. and VMware tools for ArcaOS (mouse, clipboard integration).

  • Keith Merrington:Secure Boot, Behind the curtains: What is it, Do I need it, Why is it, How does it work, What are Signatures, Do I need/do I have TPM, The validation cycle, The various Keys used and required, Is it only for Windows, what Database are there. Who issues the keys, What are the problems,what’s the next step.

  • Keith Merrington: EasySync an update: This presentation will take a look at the PM synchronisation program EasySync. The focus will be on the latest incarnation which is about to be released, the new features  with a live  demonstration.

  • Keith Merrington: EA's revisited: This presentations continues where the presentation in Munich left off, with a quick recap on Extended Attributes and the program EAMaster which was released earlier this year. This program provides the tools to create, copy delete, split, append and more to any file or directory in a visual environment.
  • Rich Jerant: Adventures in OS/2 audio development...: Rich Jerant used to work for IBM. He will give a remote presentation about the the work he did on OS/2 related to audio driver development. This presentation is optional.



The table below lists a few times in CEST and corresponding times in different timezones.

Amsterdam New York Los Angeles Tokyo
15:00 9:00 AM 6:00 AM 22:00
18:00 12:00 PM 9:00 AM 01:00
21:00 3:00 PM 12:00 PM 04:00