Below is the list of presentations given at Warpstock Europe 2019, with links to videos and PDF files (if available).

OS/2 networking interconnectivity - Keith Merrington

[Video] [PDF] In this hour long presentation Keith Merrington tells how to connect OS/2 machines to other machines using Samba (including Linux and WIndows), either as a client or a server.

 FAT32 update - Gregg Young

[Video] [PDF] This short presentation by Gregg Young highlights what's new and fixed in the FAT32 driver for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS.

Recent software and project updates - Alex Taylor

[Video] [PDF] Alex talks about the recent OS/2 software projects he has been working on, which includes system utilities, a helpviewer, a fast and light text editor and IMEs (input method editors) for entering Japanese, Korean and Chinese on OS/2.

ArcaOS 5.1 roadmap - Lewis Rosenthal

[Video] [PDF] Lewis Rosenthal, managing director of Arca Noae, looks forward to the upcoming releases of ArcaOS 5.0.4 and 5.1.

Demo: booting ArcaOS on UEFI hardware - Alex Taylor

[Video] [PDF] In this video a proof of concept is demonstrated that allows ArcaOS to boot from UEFI-only systems, i.e. system without the 'old' BIOS or compatability layer.

Current OS/2 projects update - Gregg Young

[Video] [PDF] Gregg Young talks about the latest enhancements and bug fixes in the tools that he maintains, such as Lswitcher (task manager), Gotcha (screen capture), eFTE (text editor), Lucid (PDF viewer) and FM/2 (file manager)

Pipes for NetRexx - René Jansen

[Video] [PDF] Meandering through various computer systems, operating systems and companies, René Jansen from Rexx LA recounts how NetRexx was born on OS/2 and is still used on mainframes today.

BItwise Works update - Silvan Scherrer

[Video] [PDF] In this presentation Silvan Scherrer from Bitwise Works gives an overview of the work they provided to the OS/2 community and a status update of the Qt5 port.

ArcaOS device drivers update - David Azarewicz

[Video] (no PDF) David Azarewicz gives un update on the status of various drivers for ArcaOS: UEFI, ACPI, MultiMac (networking), USB (including USB3) and display drivers.

Care and feeding of Firefox 45.9 on OS/2 - Steven Levine

[Video] [PDF] Hosted by Gregg Young, this presentation created by Steven Levine shows optimal settings for Firefox 45.9 on OS/2 / eComStation / ArcaOS.