If you want to book a bed at the Youth Hostel where the conference is held, this is how you should do it:

  • Go to the booking page of the hostel
  • Fill in your booking data as usual (arrival date, number of persons, etc)
  • At the page labelled "Data", there is a field "Membership number": leave it blank. Fill in the other details and finish the booking.
  • When you complete the booking you will receive a confirmation email from the youth hostel.
  • Reply to this email and write that you are booking because of the Warpstock Conference, and mention its event ID: 136551; without this you can't normally book a bed because this hostel has a strict policy regarding Youth Hostel Assocation membership. 

A small note about lunch; if you are staying at the hostel please book your lunch together with your room. Do not buy Warpstock tickets "with lunch" from Arca Noae as they will be counted double.

Note about payment: credit cards are not accepted at the youth hostel. Only cash and European banking (debit) cards work.