Below is the list of presentations given at Warpstock Europe 2016, with links to videos (if available) and PDFs.

An insight in PM programming - Keith Merrington

[Video] Keith explains how to create windows in OS/2 Presentation Manager, what the life cycle of a typical PM program is and what messages you must handle.

Blue Lion: what's in the box - Lewis Rosenthal

[Video] [PDF] Lewis tells what will be included in the upcoming release of  Arca OS, codenamed Blue Lion.

Device drivers: recent progress and future plans - David Azarewicz

[Video] David talks about progress he made on drivers for USB, networking, and WiFi. Also how to report a problem properly.

How to implement a multicolumn listbox - Keith Merrington

No video or PDF available yet

Latest news from BitWiseWorks - Silvan Scherrer

No video or PDF available yet.

Printing & Fonts - Alex Taylor

[Video] Alex talks about printing on OS/2, the various font formats that are in existence and some of the problems and pitfalls if you want to change your desktop font. This presentation was given remotely via Skype.

Software Projects Update - Gregg Young

[Video] [PDF] Gregg gives an update on the projects he has worked on since his last presentation in 2015.

Update on SNAP graphics - Steve Levine

Remotely via Skype. No video pr PDF available yet.

VirtualBox 5.0 for OS/2 - Herwig Bauernfeind

[Video] Herwig talks about the recent port of VirtualBox to OS/2.

YUM/RPM update - Lewis Rosenthal

[Video] [PDF] Lewis explains why Arca Noae has chosen YUM and RPM for its updates and what functionality to expect.